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www.odometer-check.com is the official website of the Japan Odometer Certification Institute.Japan Odometer Certification Institute (JOCI) is a substitute organization of Nippon Jidosha Service registered in Japan and has been involved in certification of odometer readings in all types of used vehicles. JOCI has access to odometer reading data of all the vehicles sold in Japanese auto auctions, and we provide online odometer certification service through this website.

How to get certified your car odometer reading.

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Pay the processing fee 3000JPN

In an unlikely event that we could not process your certificate, due to unavailability of inspection records of your car in Japan, we will refund you the certificate processing fee.

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What is odometer fraud?

The illegal practice of rolling back odometers to make it appear that vehicles have lower mileage than they actually do, has become very rampant these days. This has largely influenced by the burgeoning consumer preference for quality used cars with lower mileage, especially Japanese ones, rather than purchasing brand new cars that cost twice as much.

What is E-Certificate?

odometer certificateThe E-Certificate is a certification of the original reading of the odometer at the time of last auction or registration of a vehicle in Japan. You can obtain such an certificate from Japan Odometer Certification Institurte(JOCI) through this website(www.odometer-check.com).

Even if somebody attempts to alter the original certificate, both the customer and the authority can check the validity of the original e-certificate online through www.odometer-check.com.



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Become a member of JOCI and monitor the progress of your odometer verification certificates online. As a member, now you can pay the processing fee through bank transfers.